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Zacquine Miken is a multi-musician singer-songwriter who plays the piano, ukulele, guitar, harmonica and violin. She loves creating 'Boom Beat' percussion and drum sounds out of self-constructed instruments or common household items like pails, spoons and buckets, and yes, even the sound of hitting one's fists against the wooden cupboards delights her!

Zacquine is the Vocalist-Keyboardist-Ukulele Player in the bands 'After Breeze', 'The G Strings'. 'Swift BladeZ' and 'Shixian & Friends', and has performed with bands like D'Lectriq Voyager, Black Diamond Folds, Quantum Spring, Scarlet Resonnance and Seedbed in several music festivals such as the Baybeats Festival, Mosaic Festival, Sonic Fest, Heart Christmas Festival and many more. She has also won a few songwriting awards, such as the 'Songs I Write' songwriting competition held at the SPH auditorium in 2007, where she bagged the championship title for her song 'Falling'. The same song 'Falling' had also reached the Number 2 position in the 'Breathecast' Christian Music Billboard charts.

Zacquine has also appeared in interviews and performances on live music TV channels like LiveOMusic.

Ever passionate about music, Zacquine never stops trying to learn to play a new musical instrument; the latest being the flute, and she hopes to play the harp one day too! She does not believe in limiting herself to any one particular genre of music, and has experimented with various styles like electro, jazz, alternative, trip-hop, rock, goth, pop, ambient and funk, and she's even devised her own unique genre of 'Scifi Electro' that she coined for her band D'Lectriq Voyager. Zacquine is currently working on her new solo album titled 'Journey'.


T: +65 92333974 (SMS & WhatsApp)

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