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RADIO SHOW & MEDIA Broadcasts of My Songs:

Interview & Performance Videos:

1) German article written about Zacquine in Würzburg, Germany (21 August 2015)

2) My interview and performance with my band Black Diamond Folds back in 2012. Here I played the keyboard.



















3) Zacquine Miken in the band Black Diamond Folds interview with media, and SubsceneTV, a BayBeats music festival special:






































4) “SAY MORE RADIO SHOW” (Sydney, Australia):
- 8 July 2014
- My original song “Hippy Hippie” was aired.

5) My song “Hippy Hippie” was featured on the Country Music SCTV website!

6) Our song 'Shower In 5 Minutes' is now being played on the UKULELE RADIO SHOW in the UK, in this new radio show episode!
- 11 August 2014

- Our song is the 2nd song in the line-up!


Hear the Podcast here!




Strawberry Fields For Ever - Greg Hawkes

Shower in Five Mins. - Zacquine Miken

Are We There Yet? - Chonkinfeckle

Light Today - Eddie Vedder

Alone In The Henhouse - Johnny Foodstamp

Songs For Acid Edward - Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer

Smash It Up - Barry Barmcake

7) Zacquine's cover song for "Top of the World" is on (Music Video online)


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