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MAINPOST (Deutschland) Article - 17 June 2016

17 JUNE 2016 Newspaper Feature in Mainpost (Würzburg, Germany)

Neue Lieder: So klingt Würzburg 2016

Zacq & Mari are in the German MAINPOST newspaper news for our latest music album compilation song "Drawn To You" by Zacq & Mari in the album So Klingt Würzburg 2016":

Read special mention about Zacquine and the song "Drawn To You" by the journalist Joachim Fildhaut:

- "Zacquine Miken was the only singer in the compilation that sang with much expression and the song "Drawn To You" that she wrote has every quality of a hit pop song.

- Joachim Fildhaut"

LISTEN to our music here:

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